Simply Lists provides an easy way to manage lists of tasks. You can keep track of everything from simple grocery lists to more complex work lists.  Use this simple and easy to use application to add a little organization to your life.

Share your lists with others via email.  Create formatted reports for your next meeting. Keep track of the things you need to do with no hassle.


  • - Organize Tasks in Lists
  • - Create Lists of Lists
  • - Group Tasks by Tags
  • - Filter Tasks by Tags
  • - Search for Tasks and Lists
  • - Create Simple or Complex lists
  • - Keep lists automatically sorted by Name or in the order you prefer
  • - Complex lists include Name, Note, Created Date, Due Date, Tags, Priority, and Percent Complete
  • - Quickly move between Lists or Items
  • - Copy and Move Tasks and Lists
  • - Quickly add multiple Tasks or Lists
  • - Export lists to EMail, including only the fields you choose
  • - Import lists via EMail / URL
  • - Import and Export Lists in a simple to read text format
  • - Quickly remove or uncheck completed tasks
  • - Badge numbers for Overdue and Due Today tasks
  • - Support for iPhone OS Peer to Peer Sharing of Lists via Bluetooth
  • - Landscape Keyboard when editing text