Provides playback of streaming 3D and 360 video on your iPhone or iPad. View the content in 2D or 3D with Google Cardboard style viewers or anaglyph glasses.




  • Stream MP4 and HLS video
    • 3D Side by Side
    • 3D Over / Under
    • 360
    • 3D 360 Side by Side
    • 3D 360 Over / Under
  • View  as 2D
  • View as 3D with most Google Cardboard style devices
  • View as Anaglyph
    • Red / Cyan
    • Amber / Blue
    • Magenta / Green
    • Green / Magenta
  • Control FOV via Pinch gesture for 360 content
  • Control current point of view via device gyroscope or touch
  • Control Barrel distortion for 3D content via Pinch gesture

Sample Content:

You can find a bunch of content online with a few google searches - here are just a few I found searching around.

Legal Stuff:

  • This app should not be used by children under the age of 13. Usage should be monitored for children 13 and up.
  • Do not use this app if you are prone to seizures, motion sickness, dizziness, or eye-strain.
  • We do not recommend using this app in a moving vehicle or while walking.
  • We suggest remaining seated in a comfortable position. Avoid cluttered areas where you could hurt yourself or others.
  • Your device may become hotter than normal when using this app, especially when used for an extended period. We recommend taking breaks and not using the app for more than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Your device's battery may drain more quickly than normal due to the increased processing required to render 3D content and to stream the video. This will be similar to most game content on your device.
  • You may experience reduced performance if your Wi-Fi or carrier speed / bandwidth are restricted.
  • Smiling Frog Software does not condone or encourage use of pirated or stolen content. Please use legally acquired content.
  • Smiling Frog Software is not responsible for any damage or discomfort experienced while using this application.