I am so sorry

While preparing to submit a new application to the iOS App Store, I noticed that Ask The Tiki and Gene Lab were still available for download. DOH! I was certain that I had taken them down. They have not been updated yet and do not currently function.

I feel terrible that I left them in such a horrible state and that people have downloaded them recently.  It's bad enough that I haven't updated the apps, but leaving them on the store in that state is just awful.

Also after looking at the numbers on the store I think I need to seriously consider pushing Gene Lab to the front of my work queue.  Unfortunately the plans I have for the re-write are pretty complicated and unlikely to be quick.

New App on the way.

Working on a Streaming VR player for the iPhone and the iPad. I hope to get it into the App Store as a free app soon. Still have a few hurdles to get through to make that happen.

It's been a blast learning Swift and getting up to speed on iOS 10. I've really only just scratched the surface, but I'm really feeling inspired by everything I have learned.

Next up is probably a re-write of Ask The Tiki. The functionality will mostly be the same, but I'll probably do a 3D tiki with some cool effects.

Just keep coding...

Back in the saddle again...

For quite a while I have been trying to decide how to proceed with this business.  Should I focus on a game, or some other type of app? Should I revamp Simply Lists, even though there are hundreds of other apps in that market.  Meanwhile iOS has changed significantly and I have not kept my skills up to date. I have also neglected putting out a much needed update to my Simply Lists app.  

Well it's time to just do something.  I need to get up to speed on the latest changes in iOS. I need to learn more about iCloud syncing. I need to work with iPad apps. I also would love to do a desktop Mac application. 

So I need to start over with Simply Lists 2.0. Existing customers will get a much needed update. All-though It has been so long since I have done an update, I would be surprised if anyone is still using the app. Simply Lists 2.0 will give me a chance to re-learn Objective-C and iOS programming.  I'm going to "Simplify" Simply Lists, removing some features and making the app easier to use. I want to add support for iCloud syncing and sharing. I want to create an iPad app, and eventually a desktop application. And, I'll have to do all this on the side, while maintaining a full-time job. What could possibly go wrong?

Let's get started.